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iPhone Tethering

You can use your iPhone as a mobile broadband modem, connecting it to your laptop via Bluetooth (if your laptop has that) or USB cable.

iPhone 3G S on Vodafone

On top of your monthly rental for your iPhone, Vodafone makes an additional charge for iPhone Tethering, starting at £5 for 0.5GB.
Visit Vodafone

iPhone at O2

Using your iPhone for mobile broadband access on your laptop requires the purchase of an O2 Bolt On, currently starting at £10 month for 3GB data, plus you get free home broadband.
Visit O2

Prices last updated on 16 Jan 2010.

iPhone tethering is possible for both Macbooks and PC laptops. You can still make phone calls whilst your iPhone is tethered.

If you use a USB cable for iPhone tethering, it will charge your iPhone at the same time.

To tether your iPhone using Bluetooth, you just pair your iPhone with your computer, then select the iPhone Bluetooth PAN service as your network connection.

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iPhone Tethering