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Orange Mobile Broadband
Orange Mobile Broadband gives you a free Orange USB modem on an 18 month contract and is PC and Apple Mac compatible. View Deals

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Please Note that the below reviews may not be fully representative of all users as we believe that reviews are more likely to be posted by those whose expectations have not been met. As a radio service, the quality of mobile broadband service that you receive can be highly dependent on where you are using it. Please see Our View for our opinions on the major UK mobile broadband providers - Site Admin.

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Pete1 I was going through the process of buying Orange Mobile Broadbnad - pay-as-you-go - for a one month contract, when a chat window popped up. This is the conversation:-
You're now chatting to Amanda.

Amanda: Hi there, my name is Amanda. I am part of the dedicated Orange Online Sales Team. How can I help you with your new order?

You: I'm looking at getting mobile broadband - pay-as-you-go.

You: How come it wants all my details to do a credit check if it's just a one month contract?

Amanda: Certainly, I will help you. May I take your name please?

Amanda: As the product will be delivered to your billing address, hence it requires a credit check.

This is quite clearly not the case. A credit check is required in the case of taking out credit, which on a one month contract, you are not. They can verify the billing address from the card you use to pay with.

I've not been asked for a credit check elsewhere to make a purchase.

Whether or not they leave a 'stamp' on your record I do not know. But I wasn't going to find out.....

[Admin Says - Orange only offers mobile broadband under contracts, it does not have a Pay As You Go product. It may only be a short one month rolling contract, but it's still a contract, and that means a credit check. Thanks for your review.]
20/10/2011 15:52:57
Lee Parker1 The worst level of service ever experienced on all aspects!! The mast near my home address is constantly down and the customer service in particular the North East call centre is extremly poor. Managers not returning my calls when promised and lack of empathy when explaining that I have had 6 weeks without a service at my home. Orange kept giving dates when repairs on the masts would be completed that were never met. Hours, hours and hours on the phone trying to break contract only to be offered home broadband for 2 year contract and no discounts offfered.. Oh and pay the 7 months remaining on my mobile broadband contract!! Shocking breach of the Supply of Goods act 1982. I now have to follow complaints proceedure in accordance with CIFAF. I look forward to January 2012 to end my telephone and broadband contracts with Orange and will go out my way to inform consumers of the costly and awful level of services provided by Orange. This company needs to come with a warning that medication my be required when dealing with its staff and don't make too many evening plans as you will spend most of your free time speaking to Orange demanding the service you pay for.. Good luck if you have problems and are in contract as you will need it!

[Admin Says - OK, thanks for the review which we've published unedited. In the interests of fairness, we would like to say this is not the experience of all users. For instance, we have happily been using Orange mobile broadband this afternoon when a power cut meant we couldn't use home broadband. Rgds.]
01/06/2011 22:18:19
alan scott5 used orange icon 225 for a number of years, always had a great signal [18-21], but do not even think of going over your allowance as orange will slow the connection down to sutch a speed to render it useless until you roll over to a new billing period.
that is what they tried on me for the past three months, i was not happy so i cncelled my contract and iam looking at virgin optical broadband instead.
ps scored only 5 because of orange reducing the speed, would give 10 if you stay within the 3 gig limit
06/02/2011 01:11:17
bill1 Awful connection on home pc can barely get one bar on 3g+ too slow STAY AWAY IF YOU HAVE GOT A CHOICE.. 16/12/2010 20:24:54
Pritesh1 If only I could give a minus rating I would. Literally the worst all round service I have ever had. Months on end of disgracefully slow service and each time I call orange for help they simply blame downgraded masts, fob you off until next and just so unhelpful.

Internet barely works most the time, often just cuts out randomly and is soooo slow. I'm in the Stratford, London area.

[Admin Says - Thanks for your review. If your performance varies with the time of day, that would suggest capacity issues at your local mast, which you would hope Orange would look to upgrade. If your performance is always bad, then your location and quality of signal available from your local mast is likely to be to blame. Rgds.]
01/09/2010 10:03:56
Chris Rowe1 I tested this at the top of a 3 story house on a hill with a 3G+ signal and the best speed test it gave was under 400kbps, a far cry from the the 3mbps the Orange people quote you on, depending on who you talk to. I also tested this on a train and I rarely got a connection. My iPhone has a more consistent signal on the train and is generally faster at surfing, quite embarrassing to be on a train with a laptop and having to resort to using your phone to surf!

I have also tried Vodafone and Virgin, neither are any good. I will also leave reviews for them. Overall mobile broadband is not suitable for a mobile person, only if you are in a very strong signal area and stationary.

[Admin Says - Yes, the train experience isn't great as you will go into 3G areas in the built-up areas and then back into non-3G areas in the countryside. So, you get a fast connection some of the time but for the rest of the time it's slow GPRS.]
14/06/2010 21:20:08
Steve2 We recently took 5 Orange mobile braodband dongles (because they were only a fiver per month) and found that their performance was poor in all instances- both in the UK and abroad.

Even when used locally and in conjunction with a signal booster (used for our Orange mobiles) the max speed was less than the old dial up speed of 56k! When we contacted Orange we were told that for our area (East Somerset/Wiltshire) this was likely to be the max speed even with a good signal. Perhaps mobile "dial-up" would be a better description!

I scored them 2 as one user was given "roaming" when abroad in under 15 minutes from the time of the request to Orange. Other than that it would have been zero.


[Admin Says - It sounds as if you are out of a 3G area in which case speeds under 2G are like old dial-up. Rgds.]
10/05/2010 12:52:53
Peter2 In Morden SM4 6EU, no signal in day hours, that is from 7am to 11pm. The deal is great, 10GB a month, 1 month contract for ?ú25 but there's no way I could use it all at this speed. During day the average is 1KB/s, during the nights usable. If you live in this area and don't sleep much then get it, otherwise O2's signal here is much better.

[Admin Says - Thanks for your review, it looks as if Orange need to increase their network capacity in your area, as the pattern of slow during the day and fast at night indicates too many users are trying to use the service for the network resources.]
30/03/2010 09:43:24
Powerful Pierre7 Service obviously depends on if you live near a mast. I am 100 metres from an Orange mast (Local high school roof) and get 1.5 mbps - enough for most iplayer programmes and all normal web use. That's with 4 brick houses directly in line between me and the mast (total 16 brick walls!) Move 1/4 mile across the estate however and the service drops. Lately speed drops to 0.5mbps around school close time, probably due to Orange bringing out iPhones, or the (BT?) data link being busy. All mobile ISPs need to beef up the processing in their mast base stations and data links, and hopefully if Orange merge with T-Mobile it will happen. Using on Windows and Linux Mint 8. The latter being faster and more reliable. I did ask Orange what their plans were to boost speed by using BT's new fibre infrastructure in Luton for their base station data link, and they said Mobile Broadband didn't use cables - Dummies! Luton LU2. 03/03/2010 21:30:03
IHateOrange1 What an awful service. Using it for a couple of weeks now, I get a very slow connection or no connection at all. Over ten minutes for 1mb of data. Online speed tests show an avarage of 2.5k a second download speeds, and that's if the connection hasn't died before the test can complete. This is with two bars of 3+G signal on a completely clean PC, a mile and a quarter away from Manchester city centre.

Buy this product for someone you don't like. Luckily, I got this product for testing, so I haven't had to pay for it. My deepest sympathy goes out to those of you that have.
29/09/2009 20:36:55
ripped of orange customer1 We got this at the start of the year as broadband was limited in the Kempston/Bedford area at that time. However, Orange reception is rubbish. Its slow, takes ages and ages to load pages. We're stuck with an 18 month contract and can't wait for the end of it.
BT have finally pulled their fingers out and we can now get independant isp's. Hello AOL 1 month contract wireless broadband and GOODBYE Orange (when their over long contract ends next year). Steer well clear of them at all costs.
12/09/2009 15:38:49
Naveen1 Useless product...even more useless experience with the orange retailer..I bought this product in Nottingham and I stay very near the city centre....I was promised that if I was not happy with the performance I could return within 14 days....however they nicely documented in the contract 14 day coverage return...I am getting GPRS speeds when the site says 3G+ coverage....on top of that the connection drops everytime it switches between GPRS and 3G.....I take it back and they plainly refuse to return it. Lucky that i did not disconnect my Vodafone stuck with it...took a 30 day rolling contract so the loss is limited to 60 GBP as have got my contract cancelled.

Do not go by what the salesman says...they do not know a thing about what they are selling and they know that any one who comes is in for a nasty will give you all sorts of stories with no intention of backing their promises.
29/04/2009 22:36:07
Adam1 Got one of these last month. Very poor reception, Seems to pick up 3g when first connected but this soon drops out and this causes everything to come to a stuttering halt. Have found Orange very unhelpful. Now in a position where the product is unusable but we still have to pay ?ú100 over the coming year! Rubbish, stay well away 24/04/2009 17:15:49
Paul8 I have been using the Option Icon 225 for 2 months now. I use it in 2 loactions mainly, both have a good 3G signal. As a result the speed of my connection is excellent. Speed tests show between 1.5 and 3Mbs depending on the time of day.

There have been very few dropped connections in this time, so reliability has been pretty good too.

Couldn't have been easier to install - I had the dongle delivered by courier and I was online within 10 minutes (quick call to Orange to get the required sim updates).

At 3gig per month I think the FUP is a bit low, hopefully they will increase this in due course.

24/04/2009 11:30:18
Steve9 Got one of these last month. Have used it in several places around Herts and North London. Seems to work pretty well, speed is always fast enough for decent usage of outlook and general browsing. Recommended. 17/04/2009 11:57:04
Phil Ramsey1 Review date Nov 2008.

I live in Sunderland and the signal is weak to non-existant. If I do get connected the speed is way slower than even 56K dial up, so slow that anti virus software times out during updates. It is absolutely useless and quite a disgrace.

I have tried to quit the service but after spending a lot of money ringing Orange customer service (mobile number only) I have had excuse after excuse, masts down etc. In the end when i asked to cancel the contract they wanted virtually the same amount of money as my remaining 14 months premiums. Charming people.

Avoid this awful, rip-off product.
18/11/2008 17:22:16
Allan1 Despite being told in the shop that I am in an area with good coverage, the signal ranges from low to very low. This makes using youtube impossible. I'll take it back and look at the situation in a years time, until then it's the library for me. 22/10/2008 05:52:27
David Gordon1 We use Orange as our small business mobile network provider in London. Because of our association with Orange, we turned to them for mobile HSPDA broadband. The four Option Icon 225 USB modems arrived and, after setting them up, we were astonished to find them to be slower than a 56k analogue dial-up. We have carried out tests on all four and here are the results: Inside our Nothwest London single-storey building, download speed
6 kbps (yes, that's 6 KILObits per second) and no upload speed that could be registered. Outside on the street, download increased to 12 kilobits per second and an upload speed of 3kbps. All this is within 5 miles of London's Oxford St. While outside in Tralagar Sq., we managed 98kbps and lost connection before we could carry out the download test. We had to give up on the download test after too many attempts to get a connection. We are paying over ?60 per month for these devices alone with a measley data limit of around 2GB over all 4 devices (which is a joke in itself as we are never likely to reach this limit at these speeds). My advice to anyone contemplating buying Orange's "Business Everywhere" service is AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID at all costs. They have the effrontery to taut speeds of 7.2Gbps when in fact, our experience is around a millionth of this theoretical maximum. Such dreadful performance make the devices completely unusable and the speed discrepancy cannot be explained by citing "atmospheric or interference conditions" or by claiming an isolated defect in the hardware especially when we compared all four devices at the locations referred to using different up-to-date laptop models rinning XP Pro. The Orange Business help centre staff are pleasant enough, but largely haven't got a technical bone in their bodies. As our technical inquisition got too hot for them, they resorted to corporate scripts involing the repition of such phrases as "atmospheric variations". Take my advice and avoid these immature technologies for a few more years. I do believe that touting speeds in the gigabits in promotional material is nothing short of an elaborate swindle perpetrated on the honest public when the senior management must know that the vast majority of users will experience speeds that are nothing short of unusable. I have given a rating of 1 out of 10 simply because there is no option to give a Zero, but zero is what I want to give Orange Business Everywhere mobile broadband.
01/07/2008 15:53:36
country dweller8 BT connection poor, disrupted service, long line issue. Orange mobile..great..a connection at a reasonable speed all the time. Happy user! 25/06/2008 23:03:00

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