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Orange Mobile Broadband

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Orange Mobile Broadband Products and Pricing

Orange offers mobile broadband contracts but there is no Pay As You Go offering, although you can get short one month rolling contracts. The following mobile broadband connection devices are available:

Orange E173 Dongle - View Contracts from £10/month
- Standard USB modem from Orange.
- PC and Mac compatible.


Orange E367 Dongle - View Contracts from £10/month
- Uses the latest HSPA+ technology.
- High-performance antenna.

Orange Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device - View Contracts from £10/month
- Provides a mobile broadband connection for up to 5 WiFi devices.
- No need for USB ports or cables.
- Small and lightweight.
- 5 hour battery life.

iPad 2

iPad 2 from Orange - View Contracts
iPad 2 contracts start from £199 for 16GB device plus £25 per month on a 24 month contract.

HTC Flyer Tablet PC

Orange Tablet PC Deals - View Contracts
Orange has various Tablet PC deals available. At time of writing, models included the HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab.


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Prices correct as at 4 Sep 2011.

Our Orange Product Recommendations

Orange only does mobile broadband contracts, it does not have a Pay As You Go service. We like the one month rolling mobile broadband contracts for the flexibility they provide.

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Orange Mobile Broadband Returns Policy

Orange has a two week money back guarantee. Orange will cancel the contract and refund any upfront device costs if the dongle is returned within two weeks.

Correct as at 12 Apr 2010.

Our View of Orange Mobile Broadband

See Our Review and Our View Page.

Summary of Orange Mobile Broadband Products Available

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Mobile broadband contracts with USB dongles or the Orange Mobile WiFi Hotspot device (note, Orange does not currently offer a Pay As You Go mobile broadband service, only a one month rolling contract).

iPad 2 deals.

Tablet PC deals.

Orange no longer does mobile broadband netbook deals. See this free netbook deals site if you want a netbook deal.

Orange no lonber does mobile broadband laptop deals. See this free laptops site if you want a laptop deal.

Orange Mobile USB Modem Compatibility

Orange dongles are PC and Mac compatible.

Windows operating system compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Mac operating system compatibility: Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

Typical Connection Speeds

During our testing conducted in June/July 2010, the average speed we obtained from 8 tests at 5 separate locations was 1.65 Mb/s. The fastest mobile broadband speed we obtained was 3.04 Mb/s. See our Orange Mobile Broadband Review for full results.

We have also done further mobile broadband speed testing in Mar/Apr 2011 which has more results for Orange.

Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage

See Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage Map.

Value for Money

The pricing for Orange Mobile Broadband is similar to that of other major providers, so value for money is good for Orange mobile broadband contracts. However, the lack of an Orange Pay As You Go mobile broadband option means it can't offer the best in value for money if you are going to be a light internet user.

VOIP / Skype Policy

It says in the Orange Mobile Broadband FAQ that you can make video calls over the internet using applications such as Windows Live Messenger.

(Correct as at 12 Apr 2010)

Orange Mobile Broadband Reviews

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User Reviews

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Mobile Broadband Awards Won

Leading mobile broadband provider in the YouGov DongleTrack Survey for Q1 2010.

Orange Mobile Broadband Usage Abroad

See mobile broadband abroad page.

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