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T-Mobile Broadband Reviews

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T-Mobile Broadband
In the limited testing we performed in Q2 2011, T-Mobile Broadband gave reasonable performance and speeds of between 0.64 and 0.76 Mb/s. T-Mobile offers USB sticks and a Mobile Wi-Fi device which they call a Wireless Pointer. You can choose between Pay Monthly contracts or Pay As You Go mobile broadband. We'd say T-Mobile broadband is worth considering, but check local signal coverage in your area first. View Deals

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PLEASE NOTE that the below reviews may not be fully representative of all users as we believe that reviews are more likely to be posted by those whose expectations have not been met. As a radio service, the quality of mobile broadband service that you receive can be highly dependent on where you are using it. Please see Our View for our opinions on the major UK mobile broadband providers - Site Admin.

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carrie3 i got the tmobile broadband dongle intially i was really pleased but now the content lock is stopping me from getting on site i like i dont have a credit card to unlock it or a t mobile mobile phone either ive tryed a few programmes to get around it i think you should be able to say if you want a content lock on it when u buy it and if no they should ask for ur id would be a much better solution iam 26 i should be able to look on sites i like but now iam miserable :( 08/10/2011 15:00:11
Robert St Guillaume1 What a complete idiot i feel like today...(THIS IS LONG BUT IF YOUR CONSIDERING T-MOBILE READ IT!!!!!!)

Had been using 02 through carphone warehouse for 3-4 years on 12month upgrades, good service always and no complaints with customer service via carphone warehouse either.

Decided to switch to T-Mobile because a friend now runs a franchise t-mobile phone shop.
And i wanted the new Samsung Galaxy S2 and upgrade on O2 wasnt due for a few months.

Three things i have learnt from this experience in the past three months, firstly THE INTERNET CONNECTION OF T-MOBILE IS UNUSABLE. I have been using the 02 Sim in the GS2 and it loads Youtube Videos in 5-10SECONDS with barely any noticely bufferring during playback of video in 9 out 10 times. In comparison I CANNOT EVEN GET SEARCH RESULTS ON YOUTUBE with T-MOBILE SIM even with FULL BARS OF RECEPTION AND 3G CONNECTION ICON ON PHONE WHAT ON EARTH???
(i use utube as my main example because of its widespread use but it applies to all aspects of my internet searches...playing poker via downloads don't even bother!)

Secondly and probably more importantly (if you haven't got addicted to mobile internet usage yet) THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS APPALLING...IF YOU ARE GOING ABROAD PLEASE BE VERY VERY CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR CALL TO HAVE ROAMING PHONE CONNECTION...i rang before i left for the US to say i was going there...fine no problems except i need to put a deposit of ?ú150 credit on my account...ok not a problem as long as i get it back....on arrival in New York and for the remaining two weeks of my holiday i was the lucky reciepient of absolutely no connection at all on my phone....on return i have recieved a letter in my absence stating that i OWE THEM ?ú200 POUNDS AND AS I HAVENT PAID IT THEY HAVE SENT A NOTICE TO A CREDIT RATING AGENCY... THIS WAS A MISTAKE MADE BY THEIR EMPLOYEE!!!!! I DIDN'T OWE THEM ANYTHING I DIDN'T GET SERVICE I WAS PROMISED AND NOW MY CREDIT RATING HAS BEEN EFFECTED!!!!
ANGER does not express my emotion at that point, rang customer explanation or apology although suprisingly i suddenly didn't owe them ?ú200 HOW STRANGE!?!, i said i wish to make a complaint, unsurprisinly no phone number for that department but they will log a complaint and someone will get back to me...2months later no contact HOW STRANGE!?!

Thirdly and most depressing of all never ever trust a friend when it has anything to do with money. He didn't mention one thing about poor mobile internet service, i wish i had checked the web because from the HUNDREDS of REVIEWS NOT JUST ON THIS SITE HE MUST KNOW HOW BAD IT IS.


[Admin Says - When we've tested T-Mobile at various locations in the UK, it has been fine. Thanksf for the review.]
04/10/2011 14:54:36
archie mccallum2 absolute rubbish total rip off nobody i know thinks its value for money ,and i will stop debit at bank ,sue me if you want [Admin - edit for language] anyway pa16 7jn greenock scotland

[Admin Says - Sorry your expectations were not met. Performance will vary with location, and 3 has performed fine where we have tested it.]
07/09/2011 22:29:03
bernadette4 the coverage is ok a little bit slow but its bearable, i stay in a little town in scotland and t-mobile stated it offered the best and fastest service for my area, the only frustrating thing ive found annoying so far is if i log into my hotmail or yahoo email it wont let me view my messages, up date my status or use the instant mail section, i know that the dongle itself offers a mail section but thats no use when i cant even access my contacts out my hotmail or yahoo to send messages through the dongles mail service, so maybe being told this would be a good start for t-moblile, companys say dongles are a good thing on the move with laptops but if i had to access my hotmail or yahoo mail for an important email for a meeting then the dongle isnt goin to be very helpful at all.

[Admin Says - As far as I am aware, no mobile broadband service blocks either Hotmail or Yahoo mail. If you are using a very old browser, that could possibly be causing the problem, so it might be worth updating to a new browser. Rgds.]
22/08/2011 15:28:33
MIla1 The worst mobile broadband I have ever used. Yes they do cut your speed after 1gb usage. But even before that Internet speed is 1.60kbps!!!! And this is in Canary Wharf area. Don't go for it.

[Admin Says - We've tested T-Mobile Broadband in a number of locations, although not in London, and the performance has been fine. It sounds as though you have been unlucky with your specific location. Rgds.]
14/08/2011 16:47:04
Rob1 It is expensive and is advertised as unlmited access to the internet with no extra costs. They also say that they are the only provider that does this broadband connection with no limits and no extra charges.

Today i used my allowance in the space of an hour - if you reach your allowance it pretty much stops you from doing anything apart from checking e-mail or facebook.

the daily allowance is a measly 500mb - the only saving thing is you could then browse again 24 hours later - however if signed up as a 30 day PAYG option with the 1GB limit - you may still use this in a day or two and have to wait 28 days to browse without the internet freely. Doesnt sound like it does anything that it says on the tin.

Mobile masts in the area seem to go frequently leaving only a GPRS signal which is obviously unfit for purpose. The download speed is irrelevant as the fair use policy kicks in very quickly restricting access - there is also a mandatory content lock stopping you view certain sites like twitter and youtube - AVOID T-MOBILE BROADBAND LIKE THE PLAGUE. (however, it looks as if all the mobile broadband providers have signed up together to restrict the whole market anyway - Im not sure if there would be any alternative apart from dont buy mobile broadvand)

[Admin Says - Thanks for your review. I've found T-Mobile to be fine when I've tested it. T-Mobile has quite a fair charging policy, allowing you to always browse and e-mail, but the limits you talk about are for data intensive stuff such as video streaming and file downloading. If you need to do a lot of data intensive stuff, then home broadband will be more suitable than mobile broadband. Rgds.]
25/06/2011 18:11:50
Andreas1 Needed mobile broadband in my new house in Forest Hill, South London, as I was let down by Orange (I ordered a phone/broadband line with them, but they simply lost my details after standing me up for a technician appointment), so I bought a T-Mobile dongle with so-called unlimited downloads.

Very disappointing, the connection is constantly slow and cuts off every odd minute, and the so-called "unlimited download" is clearly a cheap trick to lure customers. Even if the connection was reliable enough to actually download large-ish files, they will block you from downloading files or watching Youtube clips after a few days of regular internet use (I'm not talking about file sharing etc., just downloading large-ish PDFs etc.)

They also block apparently random webpages which they falsely think are adult sites, and you have to enter credit card details to unlock the contents. Finally, I didn't manage to run it on one of my laptops, and if I use it on my desktop computers the T-Mobile software slows down the system so that it's impossible to actually work.

T-Mobile should be ashamed of taking money for this.

[Admin Says - It sounds as though you have a network capacity issue in your local area, which I guess can happen in densely populated areas. I would like to point out though that T-Mobile broadband has worked fine where I've tested it, in cities such as Southampton and Salisbury.

Also, new users should note that the site unblocking is just one phone call to customer services and your credit card is needed just once to prove you are over 18. I believe a small payment is taken and then refunded.]
11/04/2011 15:08:10
TomTom1 Avoid T-mobile like the plague! my dongle is constantly slow and that's even if it can be bothered to work. I live in the city centre of Plymouth so signal should not be an issue. I can achieve a better signal by plugging my 3 mobile into a USB port which is saying something considering it isn't even broadband. Do yourselves a favour and go with another network as I will be too! I feel my 1 out of 10 rating is far too generous but 0 out of 10 isn't an option which I feel they deserve.

[Admin Says - We tested T-Mobile mobile broadband at West Quay Retail car park in Southampton on 29 Mar 2011, got an HSPA signal and a speed of 0.76 Mbps, which was a good usable connection speed. It looks like you have a poor signal at your specific location, which can happen with mobile broadband, but have you tried at many other locations in Plymouth? Also, if your dongle is old, note that the new ones are much better. Thanks for the review. Rgds, Admin.]
30/03/2011 19:21:38
Jay1 Complete waste of money, very very very slow connection speed although signal shows 80 percent, dont buy this rubbish dongle as it doesnt work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Admin Says - Although new users should note performance will vary with location.]
24/03/2011 21:45:48
Sally May1 My T Mobile dongle is totally unreliable and I'm supposed to have excellent coverage in my area. I cannot enter data or make a booking because it cuts off constantly and I have to start again. This has been sold to me by false pretence, the thing is simply not fit for purpose, irrespective of the hype. My husband is a computer engineer and he has done everything technically possible to make it perform. His advice was to throw it away and go with a proper network. I have done just that and now no problems whatsoever. Goodbye T Mobile and good riddance, avoid at all costs.

[Admin Says - It would have been helpful to state where you have tried the service. The best mobile broadband provider will depend on the local network signals available. Thanks.]
15/02/2011 02:16:32
Matt7 Have used a PAYG T-mobile dongle every day and night for a month - it's our only broadband connections. Soon realised that dongle needed to be by a window to connect, so have also bought a wireless router so that the dongle can be strategically positioned. This also allows connection to be shared with a second laptop and sometimes a third laptop at times. Get a connection of sorts 95percent of time - this is fine. Speeds are generally only mediocre - enough to email and browse - so long as webpages not to flash. Download speeds up to 1mbps early in day, but down to 0.3mbps in evening. Upload speeds generally slightly exceed download speeds. Occassionally speed is so slow that I give up - but this has only been rare. Am overall impressed by consistency of connection but may well try other providers before committing to a contract - am concerned that once into a contract connection will be throttled especially when competing with other users all on unlimited T-Mobile connections. Just north of Leicester, UK. 28/01/2011 08:38:37
Mark8 B33 (RB Birmingham/ Kitts Green

T Mobile Dongle (PAYG)
I have been with T mobie (now Everything Everywhere) for the past 3 years, and have had on occasions had problems with the service but nothing that couldn't be sorted.

In the first instance, if you are on a contract, call T mobile and give the Dongle phone number, sometimes this can be 'refreshed by them' IE they clear a cache, if that doesn't solve the problem, then re call them back (this goes for PAYG customers as well)

ok, i notice some of you have problems and have heard stories about T mobile wont let me use skype, These are all untrue.

First make sure you are connected to the internet fully, if your on a 'rolling contract) IE ?ú20 pm or even payg, also applies to full contract customers.
If your BANDWIDTH has run out, you WONT be ABLE to D/Load Skype, as it will stop or faulter/hang on the install.

Heres the fix which people need to install skype fully (could take 40 mins plus on a T mobile dongle) here's the address: This is the FULL download for Skype

[Admin Says - Sorry, no links to download sites can be given. We suggest downloading Skype from the official Skype site and using some download manager software if you are having problems with the download size.]

with this link, your download will not stop and will be fully installed, but if your bandwidth has run out, you wont effectively be able to use skype fully till Midnight;
where you can then fully configure the sound (mic/speakers and video)
Hope this helps.
17/01/2011 18:11:52
Tharind Jagathsiri1 I have been using T-mobile broad band connection for 2-3 years and the service of it is going down. The connection is getting bad day by day. Bought a new lap top which had Windows 7 and the old dongle I was using was not compatible. Called the customer service and they placed the order and forgot to send it. Called a week later and they said sorry for not sending it (the usual sorry). Received a new dongle few days later and still it is not working properly. It connects and disconnets after 2-3 minutes and you have to go and re-start the computer again. I even took my computer to the place I bought it and they checked it and confirmed that it is fine and the fault is with T-mobile. I tried other dongles from my friends who were using different service providers and all of them worked for my lap top. Called Customer services and they said they will have to do an INVESTIGATION about this and it may take upto 5-7 working days (which I will have no service though I will get charged for that). They gave me a reference number which was 3336407. What T-Mobole should understand is that negative publicity can be very easy and I will leave T-mobile as soon as my contract expires and I will never let anyone I know purchase their products. Listen to this story--- I was in currys currys (where I bought the lap top from) and checking the computer with one of their managers. When we found out that it was a fault of T-Mobile I was not happy. There were few students from an asian country buying lap tops from currys and they have been listening to my call to Tmobile and asked me that what I think about t-mobile internet connection since they could not buy an internet connection due to the fact that they have been in the country for few weeks and hard to sign a contract. I told them the honest truth about the very bad service of t-mobile. There were about seven of them and they left currys after buying the lap tops.

p.s I am patiently waiting for a reply from your guys and if not I will look in to avenues of complaining to relevant authorities.
13/12/2010 09:24:57
Dan1 I have been using T-Mobile mobile broadband for 18 months. (PAYG) Performance has been spectacularly consistent: download speeds and upload speeds have remained extremely very poor, I can connect for about 2 mins at a time with a reasonable speed for surfing, but after that period I get nothing. I have to disconnect and reconnect to refresh a webpage! As other have said AVOID T-Mobile mobile broadband. I can't understand how anyone has been satisfied. Again - AVOID T-Mobile mobile broadband. It's a joke - a bad one. Dan

[Admin Says - Prospective customers should bear in mind that performance does vary greatly with location. If signing up for a contract, obtain a Coverage Guarantee Code so that you can return the product if disappointed.]
13/11/2010 15:38:22
james561 worst buy ever. fair use. spending 20 days a month doing nothing but browsing.RUBBISH!!

[Admin Says - New customers wanting a contract should get a Coverage Guarantee Code so they can return the product if disappointed. Otherwise try the Pay As You Go service to avoid the financial risk and upgrade to a contract later if necessary.]
09/11/2010 22:24:32
Ian1 what a waste of my money....
this is useless keeps cutting me off have to keep internet radio playing in the background..
Lost money due to this....

[Admin Says - New customers wanting a contract should get a Coverage Guarantee Code so they can return the product if disappointed. Otherwise try the Pay As You Go service to avoid the financial risk and upgrade to a contract later if necessary.]
04/11/2010 02:35:41
Owen1 Complete rubbish! I have the same story as everybody else Full signal 0 connection . Worked really well on first night of use then lost it. Its been mostly useless ever since,if im lucky i might get some signal for all of 20 seconds .T mobile staff unhelpfull and useless. I have been truly ripped off and i will never NEVER purchase anything from T mobile again. Save your self the hassle and stress do not get with T mobile!

[Admin Says - Note that if you obtain a Coverage Guarantee Code when ordering, you can return the modem within 7 days if you do not get satisfactory mobile broadband performance at your location.]
25/10/2010 18:47:38

Totally awful service, speeds that make a 56k dial up look like a ferrari in comparison to t-mob's lada.
In LS8 hspda will not hold a signal, 3g is 2-3 mins to load a single page.
Even when it is on hspda it will mid page stop, or it will just read 0kbps both up and down loading.
They should try getting their network sorted before merging with other companies and stressing the network further.
And their customer services should take a lesson from 3... T Mob's don't care or actually serve the customer.

[Admin Says - Thanks for your review. It sounds like you have been disappointed, and performance will vary with location. We do not think yours has been a typical experience, it sounds as though you have been unlucky with your local signal.]
13/09/2010 14:57:40
Harvey Turner1 My speed with these crooks is 0.35 download and 0.15 upload. Started a little better when I first got it but within months it has become pointless. I was offered it cheap.. ?ú7.50 pm for 3gig with fair use policy because I have a mobile with them. Their normal price was ?ú15.00. However, after many calls with them not being able to do anything for me.. the last conversion was.. 'well you had a period in which you could have sent it back, so if you want to end your contract it with cost you the full remainder of your contract'.. WITHOUT DISCOUNT!!!!! Basically 'sorry mate, if you want to leave we will charge you twice as much as if you stayed the full tern of your contract. Long and short of it, they've taken far too many people on and do not have the infrastructure to cope, leaving their customers with virtually nothing. SAVE YOURSELF THE BOTH AND UPSET OF BEING LAUGHED AT BY T-MOBILE STAFF AND THE FRUSTRATION OF PAYING FOR SOMETHING THAT YOUR NOT GETTING - DONT EVER USE T-MOBILE..

[Admin Says - It looks as though you have been unlucky with the mobile broadband performance at your location. Our advice to anyone taking out a mobile broadband contract would be to test performance as soon as you get the modem and return it if it's not up to scratch. T-Mobile have now introduced a feature on their website where you can get a Coverage Guarantee Code which will allow you to return the modem if your coverage is not as expected.

T-Mobile does have a support forum, so it may be worth posting there to see if anything can be done about your local signal coverage. Rgds.]
23/07/2010 12:06:28
Hannah1 Awful service! I was unable to receive signal and when I sent the package back, the envelope provided cost ?ú5 to post. I was told by one operator that this was refundable, but it is not. I am still awaiting a refund from T-mobile for the equipment which was sent back almost a month ago. Having spoken to an operator today, it seems that it is a necessary part of the process to request a refund from the company by phone(even though I have received no service and have returned the equipment). I have been told it will take around two weeks to refund the money. 20/07/2010 09:09:15

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