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Virgin Mobile Broadband
Virgin Mobile Broadband offers a choice of USB modem deals, along with further discounts if you have a mobile phone or home broadband with them. View Deals

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Please Note that the below reviews may not be fully representative of all users as we believe that reviews are more likely to be posted by those whose expectations have not been met. As a radio service, the quality of mobile broadband service that you receive can be highly dependent on where you are using it. Please see Our View for our opinions on the major UK mobile broadband providers - Site Admin.

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Mark4 Sheffield. Quite disappointed, since the connection is so flaky. Fairly quick when it gets going, but really poor with javascript based sites like google mail. 11/06/2010 19:30:31
Chris1 I had Virgin Mobile broadband for a year and I have to say signal was awful to non existent and when Mac OSX was upgraded the dongle didn't work and Virgin didn't accept any responsibility for providing a new driver/software saying it was the dongle maker's fault!!! The web tech support was non-existent on their site, and their dial up support didn't know how to resolve the issue either. I am now looking at other providers although from the all the reviews on here it seems mobile broadband is only good if you're not mobile which defeats the object. I commute and want a signal for my entire journey like phone's used to provide before 3G technology came along. Is that possible???

[Admin Says - The problem when commuting is that you go into and out of 3G areas, so you don't get a consistent service on your laptop. I guess that internet traffic on a phone is routed differently and results in phone internet being more consistent when commuting.]
08/06/2010 19:21:20
Xenith7 Has been fine for me, but then I'm in an area with decent coverage. The speeds aren't amazing, but I can surf and check my e-mail and that's all I need. 06/04/2010 17:46:42

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