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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Reviews

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Vodafone Mobile Broadband
In the limited testing we have performed in Q2 2011, Vodafone Mobile Broadband has offered reasonable levels of performance at a variety of locations, with speeds ranging from 0.75 to 2.84 Mb/s. Vodafone offers dongles that are PC and Mac compatible, and Mobile Wi-Fi devices. Both Pay As You Go and contract plans are available. View Deals

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PLEASE NOTE that the below reviews may not be fully representative of all users as we believe that reviews are more likely to be posted by those whose expectations have not been met. As a radio service, the quality of mobile broadband service that you receive can be highly dependent on where you are using it. Please see Our View for our opinions on the major UK mobile broadband providers - Site Admin.

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VaL5 I have had a dongle for quite some years.I have problem with the connection keep losing signal so was taking my allowance over limit .I changed to ?ú20.00 a month for 2gb but still goes over without any text from Vodafone .I rang and the said would tweak my dongle not any different.I find it frustrating that because I too new contract I cannot return to the ?ú5.00 a month deal as most months of the year I don't use the dongle it should be on a rolling plan .When the contract is up I will be leaving Vodafone after many years .Where is the customer loyalty.I have also been informed that if Vodafone don't help me oftcom probably will.Not the way I should have to go .
14/08/2013 22:05:14
wendy1 I had a 2 year contract, the first year it was very slow which I was paying OVER ?ú20 a month for, because it was so slow it only lasted 2 weeks. after the first year was up I lost the signal altogether,i was told they were working on it to improve it. what a joke,10 months later still no signal,i wrote a letter, one of many by the way , they could see I hadn't used it for ages so let me leave , even the Vodafone shop was using a booster.i now have a 3 Wi-Fi which is great, I never had a full bar before. 21/01/2013 19:12:00
dave3 goodbye vodaphone im really disapointed with your service

[Admin Says - It would have been helpful to give details of the problems you were experiencing. Vodafone Mobile Broadband has worked OK for us.]
15/08/2012 12:47:42
JT.10 Newbury (area). I have had an excellent experience with this service. In my area I get 3+MBPS down and 300kbps up. This is amazing and very useful as I run my own business when my Virgin Media line goes down. This is more than quick enough for basic usage with Outlook and such, even YouTube loads with the buffer ahead of the play time. I would highly recommend the service, hence my multiple phones, mobile broadband and iPad are with Vodafone.

14/02/2012 22:23:16
JDC1 The Vodafone dongle is not worth the movement on my keyboard. Vodafone should be ashamed of themselves. It will in the long term catch up with them. BT10

[Admin Says - Sorry to hear you have not received a good service in your area. When testing, we have found Vodafone to offer good performance levels. Have you tried the dongle in multiple locations?]
10/02/2012 19:34:01
NHR1 Do i really have to rate this? It is a pile of [language edited]. In fact, even [language edited] is of much more use than this pile of garbage which vodafone call a dongle! I heard that vodafone mobile broadband was one of the best. well it was one of the of the best at being absolutely useless. I bought one the other day as it was quite cheap for me to use (only ?ú5 a month for 250mb) Little did I know how slow and [language edit] taking it actually is. I mean, it took away 50 mb off my account even though I hadn't used it. It took me an hour just to get on to google which is set as my home page! ONE [language edited] HOUR OF MY LIFE WASTED. on top of that, i got really good connection when i was using the dongle at the library. probably cos of the wifi my local library has. However, when I went home, I barely got a single bar of reception on the [language edited] thing. Returned the [language edited] the very next day claiming that it was "defective" If one thing good came out of it, then it was the fact that i managed to keep the sim before giving it back. It's not like I'm gonna give away ?ú5 free credit.

I warn all those ppl out there. You are much better off with t mobile broadband. can be a bit expensive (?ú2 per day and ?ú15 per month) but trust me, the signal you'll get is gonna be amazing. either that or use the net on your phone. much quicker!

[Admin Says - Sorry to hear you had issues with Vodafone, which are likely to be attributable to local signal availability. When we tested Vodafone we found it performed well.]
13/12/2011 13:26:06
John Chapman1 I've been with vodafone for 4yrs now, it used to be ok, just, but since they merged with 3 and thus increase their customer base and user load it's been rubbish (to put it politely). When I can log on the reception is terrible and when you ring support you just get the run around, even had one of them hang up on me, even though I was making a legitamate complaint (no swearing or anything like that) all though I'd like to. Sent me a new 4G dongle equally as crap as the 3G one. In short Vodafone is rubbish don't go with them. My current contract expires in a month and I'm going to give TPG off net ADSL a try couldn't be any worse and for the same price as I get 8GB I'll be getting 100GB with shaping no hugely expensive excess fees like Vodafone's.

[Admin Says - John, I'm surprised. Vodafone mobile broadband has been fine when I've tried it. Maybe you have been unlucky with your location.]

22/11/2011 23:51:51
Abdulaziz1 worst dongle ever! whether indoors or outdoors signal ranges from 1-3 but either cases, connection is very very slow and web pages hardly load fully.location is bloomsburry central london, i uninstalled it and installed it back again.
never recommend this worthless mobile broadband and will ask for a refund

[Admin Says - Sorry to hear you have been unlucky at your location, but when we've tried Vodafone mobile broadband, the performance has been fine, see Rgds.]
03/09/2011 22:24:24
hoxtoncasual3 london

[Admin Says - Thanks for the review, although a precise location in London would be helpful.]
11/08/2011 11:47:13
John Cosgrove1 To call this rubbish broadband is so misleading it has to be fraud or at the very least 'obtaining money by deception' I have been trying to use my dongle in Belfast and can just about check email the connection is far too slow for anything else despite vodafone claiming coverage in this area is good. I feel sorry for the customer care staff, it can't be fun to have to deal with vodafone's victims for a living. Either get a real connection or a smart phone, mobile 'broadband' is just a waste of time and money.

[Admin Says - Generally over multiple locations we've found Vodafone mobile broadband to be quite reasonable, but if you are stuck at one location you may find you don't get broadband speeds. In such a scenario we agree that the term broadband is not applicable, perhaps mobile internet would be a better term. Rgds.]
12/07/2011 15:35:53
Mak2 I have had mobile broadband dongles on all networks for the last 3 years. Vodafone is the worst in mnay locations. Very slow unkess you are in Central London. The other networks are better.

[Admin Says - Yes, the best network for performance will always vary with location. Users can see some real world speed test results at Thanks.]
28/04/2011 22:15:14
Mark Samuels1 Having read the first page of reviews, I am disturbed by the editors comments - they seem to contradict all the individual negative comments! What is going on?

I purchased a Vodaphone dongle 3 days ago, and have had high blood pressure ever since.

Its a frustrating way to waste lots of time. Like a set of brakes that works some of the time, you are better off without it.

Try it first on the single monthly payment (if you must).

[Admin Says - We are just trying to provide a little balance, as we believe those that have had a poor experience are way more likely to post a review. We know that Vodafone mobile broadband can provides reasonable performance levels for many, but given the variation with location, testing first with the single monthly payment option is reasonable advice, although you can return contracts for a refund, just check the T&Cs carefully. Rgds.]
24/02/2011 23:30:53
James1 Please help me!!!

I am using Vodaphone broadband with 30 pounds (3G) contract.

This is 21st months of two years contract, but suddenly Vodaphone started to take more than 400 pounds out from my account.

When I checked from my usage on my computer it was still less than 3 Giga.

Next month they took more than 130 pounds even though I had used very carefully during less than 15 days, and in my computer my usage showed 675 mega bites.

Averages time based my usage is less than 4 hours whithout downoad.

Whenever I protested they are repeating same words, they don't know about my computer display and in their computer my usages is that high.

Definetly their computer and my computer is using the same method becasue my usage was thier software.

After that I could not use their dongle anymore, of course they are taking out my money more than contract.

Do you know what can I do?

If is there any body or the person interested to help me?

How can I ask their concerns to my problem?

Thanks in advance

[Admin Says - Vodafone has an online support forum, so maybe try asking there. In the meantime try not to do any large downloads, e.g. Windows updates. Rgds.]
10/02/2011 07:56:12
brian pl25 google asks to use the enter key on searches as the connection speed is slow,goole earth very hard to use at all. have 1 signal strength bar not lit up always. plymouth. 11/12/2010 11:35:45
Dave4 I forgot to add a warning that SOME (Argos or even instore Vodafone shop) mobile PAYG dongles - the newest plain topped pure white ones, without any activity light being visible (which the older style ones had) now REQUIRE the Microsoft '.NET' framework to be installed BEFORE it will fully work - and it seems the .NET script (either version 3 or 4) is worryingly NOT included within the dongle's 'plug and play' software.

If your new Vodafone dongle's installing bar starts off OK, gets almost to the end ...but suddenly goes into reverse, and then an error is displayed, this is why!
It means your .NET version is the wrong one and needs updating, BUT (usually) the Vodafone dongle won't tell you that!

Most searches for a .NET version download will send you to a direct install - where you have to be connected (somehow to the internet) for the .NET framework to install, but may I suggest searching for '.NET Framework Standalone Installer' (for either version 3 or 4) then download the whole thing (it's usually over 40mb!), bung it on a flashcard or CD, so you have a safety backup ...just incase your computer ever goes wrong - as you'll be totally stuck (if you have no connection) because your Vodafone dongle won't fully install itself without it.
07/12/2010 00:59:35
Philip 1 Vodaphone Mobile Broadband is absolute tosh!!!

Please, anybody thinking of getting a vodaphone dongal. PLEASE DON'T!!! It is useless.
In 12 months, i have reported a fault in my local area.
First one took 6 weeks to solve and the last one took 12WEEKS to solve.
Once you report a problem, it takes 7 days for the engineer to gain access to the site.
I have just reported another fault and it has taken them 4 days to get the engineer to the site - absolute tosh vodaphone!!!
Considering i have received 3 faults in the last 12 months, they won't let me cancel my 18 month contract. Vodaphone have cleverly put their customer service in EGYPT, yes EGYPT. So that when we complain, you might as well be talking to the wall!!!
I have received problems with T-mobile broadband and O2 broadband. T-mobile let me get out of the contract but O2 are still pursuing an outragsous claim.
If anyone can recommend another provider that would be great but i'm losing confidence in mobile broadband.

[Admin Says - Well, you've only got two other networks to try, 3 Mobile and Orange, seeing that Virgin Mobile uses T-Mobile's network. Both offer trial periods, just be sure to adhere to any conditions carefully. As ever, the best network for you will depend on the quality of the local network signals available.]
04/12/2010 13:38:42
Dave4 I have Vodafone 'broadband' built into a Dell mini 9, which I got on a 2 year contract (it ends June 2011) but where I am it can only ever get GPRS (or EDGE) which averages 10kb/sec.
I was with 3, but that couldn't get ANY signal where I live at all, so 3 cancelled the contract and I then moved to Vodafone.
Now BOTH networks (3 and VF) worked very well in Lowestoft, which is near to where I live, 3 connected there at HSPDA rate (the fastest!) and VFone (depending on conditions) managed about 1.2mb/sec.
I would like to add however since I now 'live' on a slow GPRS or edge connection (it's all I can get where I live) disabling JAVA, Flashplayer, having no internet security installed (just create a limited login for winXP, then attacks/access are all denied) that has greatly improved speeds.
Also removing any 'update' function for installed software also helps, as does de-selecting 'play animations'.
I was paying ?ú75 for dialup using an 0845 modem, whereas I now pay ?ú19.99/month for vodafone, and I have a little netbook I can take with me where ever I go. Lowestoft's broadband at the library was down one day, so everything was unusable, except my little netbook and Vodafone.
I've used the internet for years, and the PROBLEM now is online video on demand, javascript on webpages, and flash adverts.
These things clog up everything and then slow things down as they constantly use up bandwidth. I went to the first ever display in London of video (via modem) on a computer in the 1980's and it was a 2" square.
"Can't be any bigger than that" (said the PC guy), "video uses up too much bandwidth".

My point is webdesigners etc have been too quick to 'create' all this junk that you see on websites (embedded video, flashads, javascript applications etc etc) in a high speed mega fast internet area - but with no thought as to how it bogs down the internet in general.
The infrastructure simply CAN'T COPE with all this as if you get 5 people in a street watching Iplayer, unless they are on a fibreoptic connection, eveyones 'broadband' will then crawl along, as a cabled connection can't supply the speed required.
Now HD on demand is being rolled out on the net - it's crazy! That's really going to help.
Watch TV .....on a TV, NOT via the internet!

Mobile internet is the same, get one user who's got a good signal on a cell site and they start watching videos and the rest who connect to the site will suffer.
OK, it's slow on GPRS but at least Vodafone works.
Years ago mobile broadband was just a dream, today it's a reality, and in 5 years from now it WILL be mega fast.... it's just got to catch up (like most things in the UK) as the older infrastructure gets updated....and that costs money, so it takes time.

[Admin Says - Thanks for your thoughts Dave, some good points there.]
01/12/2010 22:05:01
Graham2 Rubbish. Can't wait for my 24 month contract to end.

Customer Service - Rubbish!

Mobile Broadband Performance - Rubbish!

Waste of money, never again!

02/11/2010 22:39:05
Nigel1 Bought this from the online Vodafone shop complete with 3Gb included. Does not work on my netbook as the power consumption is too great and keeps tripping the USB port out. Works on my laptop, however software takes ages to start up. When it finally does connect it drops to a GPRS connection and constantly doesn't load web pages or drops the connection completely - a lot slower than dial up at the best of times (cheshire). Also, Vodafone advertised it as having a Micro SD expansion slot which there is not - false advertising?? I did contact Vodafone but they sent a generic reply saying my computer was at fault (Didn't even mention about the missing memory card slot!)

[Admin Says - Only Vodafone's Professional USB Modem has a Micro SD slot, the standard one doesn't. It sounds like you got the standard one.]
27/10/2010 17:45:55
Geoff Rothwell2 I am coming to the end of a two year contract for mobile broadband with Vodafone. I have already commenced an 18 month contract with another company and wish I had done so sooner. The vodafone wireless connection turns out to be unreliable, ranging from a nice download speed of 500bps to a frustratingly slow 19bps. Until I had another company to compare with, I didn't know how poor this was. I am now unaware of the after school slowdown, the early evening slowdown and the constant reconnecting of the wifi. I twice asked a question of the support team about a MAC number and they appeared to deliberately misunderstand the question. I tried to contact them twice on their 'contact us' web page and the page threw a wobbler twice frustrating contact twice. ... and worst of all, they WILL bill you for an extra months allowance if you exceed the limit by even 0.25percent as I did.
They assuredly lost a customer and I will not remain silent about my experience with them.

BB5 6QA Hyndburn, East Lancashire
07/10/2010 13:49:02

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